Airport Transfers
Airport Transfers

Taxi Service from Sangster International Airport-Montego Bay to:

OriginDestination1-4 PassangersAddtional Other Persons
Montego Bay HipstripDoctors Cave Beach Hotel      $20.00               $9.00 Each
Montego Bay HipstripToby Inn Resort      $20.00               $5.00 Each
Montego Bay HipstripGloriana Hotel      $20.00                $5.00 Each
Montego Bay HipstripRoyal Decameron      $20.00                $5.00 Each
Montego Bay HipstripWexford Court Hotel      $20.00                $9.00 Each
Montego Bay HipstripAltimont West      $20.00                $9.00 Each
Rosehall Hotels Montego BayHoliday Inn Sunspree Resort      $30.00                $7.00 Each
Rosehall Hotels Montego BayHalfmoon Resort      $30.00                $8.00 Each
Rosehall Hotels Montego BayHilton at the Rosehall      $35.00                $9.00 Each
Rosehall Hotels Montego BayIberostar at Rosehall      $40.00                $10.00 Each
Other Montego Bay HotelsRiu Montego      $25.00                $6.00 Each
Secrets Wild Orchard Montego BaySecrets St James Montego Bay      $30.00                $7.00 Each
ResortRound Hill Resorts     $50.00               $12.00 Each
Discovery Bay hotels and VillasAll Villas and Hotels in Discovery Bay     $90.00               $22.00 Each
Runaway Bay HotelsAll Runaway Bay hotels and Villas     $100.00              $25.00 Each
Negril Hotel and VillasAll Negril Hotel and Villas     $100.00              $25.00 Each
Treasure Beach HotelsAll Treasure Beach Hotels and Guest Houses     $180.00              $45.00 Each
Ocho Rios HotelsAll ocho Rios Hotel and Villas     $120.00             $30.00 Each
All Kingston Hotels and ResidentsAll Kingston Hotels and Residents     $280.00             $70.00 Each
Port Antonio hotel and guest houseAll Hotels and Guest Houses      $300.00             $75.00 Each
S Hotel Montego Bay$20.00             $5.00  Each
Scandals Montego Bay$25.00             $6.00  Each
Ironshore Montego Bay$30.00             $7.00  Each
Zoetry Montego Bay$30.00             $7.00  Each
Half moon Montego Bay$30.00             $7.00  Each
Coral Gardens Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Hyatt Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Jewel Grand Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Sea Castle Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Breathless Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Downtown Montego Bay$25.00             $6.00  Each
Tryall Montego Bay$50.00             $12.00  Each
Excellence Oster Bay$60.00             $15.00  Each
Royalton Blue Waters$60.00             $15.00  Each
Royalton White Sands$60.00             $15.00  Each
Grand Palledium$60.00             $15.00  Each
Ocean Coral Springs$65.00             $15.00  Each
Ocean Eden Bay$65.00             $15.00  Each
Silver Sands Duncans$70.00             $18.00  Each
Braco hotels$80.00             $20.00  Each
Falmouth$60.00             $15.00  Each
Lucea$60.00             $15.00  Each
Sandals South Coast$120.00             $30.00  Each
Black River$140.00             $35.00  Each
Oracabessa$140.00             $35.00  Each
Treasure beach$180.00             $45.00  Each
Mandeville$180.00             $45.00  Each
Toby's Resort Montego Bay$20.00             $5.00  Each
Decameron Montego Bay$20.00             $5.00  Each
Gloriana Resort Montego Bay$20.00             $5.00  Each
Holiday Inn Montego bay$30.00             $7.00  Each
Hilton Montego bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Secrets Montego Bay$35.00             $9.00  Each
Iberostar Montego Bay$40.00             $10.00  Each
Round Hill Montego Bay$50.00             $12.00  Each
Ocho Rios Hotels$120.00             $30.00  Each
May pen$280.00             $70.00  Each
Port Antonio$300.00             $75.00  Each
Riu Montego Bay$25.00             $6.00  Each
Discovery Bay Resorts$90.00             $22.00  Each
Kingston$280.00             $70.00  Each


Shuttle Service from Sangster International Airport-Montego Bay to:

OriginDestination1-4 PassangersAddtional Other Persons
Shuttle Service from Montego Bay Airportall Negril Hotels$25 per person
Shuttle Service from Montego Bay Airportall Runaway and Discovery Bay Hotels.$25 per person
Shuttle Service from Montego Bay AirportAll Ocho Rios Hotels.$25 per person


Norman Manley International airport - Kingston to::

OriginDestination1-4 PassangersAddtional Other Persons
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportAll Kingston Hotels$40.00$10.00 Each
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportAll Port Antonio Hotels$170.00$42.00 Each
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportOcho Rios Hotels$170.00$42.00 Each
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportMontego Bay Hotels$200.00$50.00 Each
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportAll Mandeville hotels.$200.00$50.00 Each
Taxi fare from Kingston AirportAll Treasure Hotels$220.00$55.00 Each

Important Information :

1)  All transfer and tour must be book 24 hours before pickup.

2) Payments are required in cash for our services and you do so when you get to Jamaica.

3) Contact us for the rates for Limousine service.

4) Check in at desk # 3 after you clear customs in Jamaica for your pickup service, it is to the left after clearing customs.